The Story Advantage

Take advantage of VaporLock™.

At Story Cast Stone we have developed a proprietary curing process called VaporLock™. VaporLock™ is a process comprised of several components, which when combined, results in harder cast stone, virtually eliminates efflorescence and substantially reduces the chance of crazing. This process combined with the most advanced chemical additives available in the industry allow Story Cast Stone to provide our customers with the best cast stone material in the market.

What makes VaporLock™ different?

VaporLock™ uses vapor instead of steam.

Our curing system injects carbon dioxide into the curing chambers which aids in the accelerated curing of our product. Our curing chambers are also individually controlled for temperature and humidity. This process produces a much harder cast stone unit compared to systems that rely solely on steam.


VaporLock™ uses individual chambers instead of one large chamber.

Each of our curing chambers serves just one production line whereas most of our competitors have multiple production lines sharing a large open space.  Instead of a single delivery pipe supplying steam to a large open area, our individual curing chambers each have a dedicated supply line injecting the carbon dioxide laden vapor. Temperature and humidity levels are more easily controlled in multiple small chambers rather than one large chamber.


VaporLock™ creates even temperature and humidity.

Each of our individual curing chambers have an electronically controlled air handling system which ensures each piece of cast stone cures evenly.  In a traditional curing chamber temperature and humidity levels vary dramatically throughout open space resulting in differences in both color and strength.


VaporLock™ produces harder cast stone, virtually eliminates efflorescence and reduces crazing.


The result of all these components is that every piece of our cast stone is cured in the most technologically controlled environment in the industry. You will not find wide variances in temperature and humidity in our curing chambers like you will in those of our competitors. Every piece of our cast stone cures in the exact environment dictated by our quality control protocol

VaporLock™ is the pinnacle of cast stone curing. Our combination of environmental controls allows Story Cast Stone products to achieve compressive strengths in three days equal to that of the standard twenty-eight days. Our cast stone products have harder edges, virtually no efflorescence and substantially reduced chances of crazing when compared to any of our competitors. In short, Story Cast Stone produces the finest cast stone in the industry.

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