Design Consultation

Before plans are sent out to market, let us guide the cast stone detailing.

At Story Cast Stone we love to get involved early with architects and designers and assist in planning the most efficient and economical uses of cast stone on a project.  With our vast experience in nearly every segment of the construction industry, we have experienced all the decisions that lead to a successful project. Whether your project is in healthcare, education, commercial, housing or any other segment, the professionals at SCS have done it. 

At our expense, we are happy to review preliminary plans or even meet with your design team to assist in designing cast stone elements that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Additionally, we offer our assistance in designing cast stone in a way that fulfills the design intent of the architect’s and owner’s visions while doing so in the most cost-efficient way possible.


Why should I work with a consultant?

Cast stone is a material that can have a dramatic effect on the beauty of a building.  Sometimes cast stone is sacrificed in an effort to stay on budget and the building aesthetics suffer as a result.  At Story Cast Stone we believe that our experience and expertise can assist in maintaining the beautiful detailing that cast stone provides while doing so in a budget friendly way.  

There are countless decisions to be made that impact the manufacturability and ease of installation of cast stone; both of which directly impact the cost of using cast stone.  Additionally, there are dimensional design issues that can have significant impacts on both the cost of the cast stone and the cost of installation. By working together early in the design phase we can help engineer the cast stone to give the look and feel that is desired while saving significant money in the cost of the stone and installation.