Cleaning and Patching Education

Let our experienced instructors guide you on proper patching.

The repair of cast stone is an art that requires education and practice.  Once the decision is made to repair instead of replace, proper materials, processes and tools are required.  If done properly, a repaired piece of cast stone should blend in as if no repair has been made. Again, with the advice and assistance of a local expert, Shelby Story has developed a process that ensures excellent results in the repair of cast stone.

At Story Cast Stone, we provide specially prepared materials with every project. Additionally, we always enjoy the opportunity to meet with our partners on the job to provide education to the masonry professionals charged with the repair of cast stone.  When we arrive we provide all the tools necessary for proper repair, we demonstrate the proper repair processes and we leave behind the tools and knowledge to be used once we are gone.


What about proper cleaning?

The methods used in cleaning cast stone can have a dramatic impact on how the product ultimately looks.  There are numerous issues that arise from improper cleaning that are mistakenly attributed to the quality of the cast stone. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to assist our partners in the proper cleaning and repair of our product.  Our primary goal is that everyone from the mason contractor to the building owner is completely satisfied with the product.  We take immense pride in pointing out the fantastic work we have done throughout the country and understand that fantastic work requires the cooperation of everyone on the construction team.